July 20, 2010

4H results

Bailey did great at the fair!  She showed her chickens yesterday.  They all got blue ribbons; our Black Giant pullet also got reserve champion for the American class (basically second place) and our White Crested Black Polish got champion for his class (Continental) AND he won reserve grand champion for the exhibition class!  (Which means they take the champions of each individual class and then pick the best two out of them).  So she won a trophy for that, and she also won champion for showmanship for her age level and got another trophy!  She's very excited :D

She won champion for her food preservation project (frozen cookies) so she gets to send them to state!


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Great job! What an accomplishment!

Anne Marie said...

Cool. 4H fun in the summer and ribbons too. Yipee.