July 12, 2010


We're gearing up this week for 4H judging!  It's a good thing my friend and neighbor is our club's co-leader, because I thought judging would be NEXT week (at the actual fair!).  I knew chickens were judged then, so I just assumed everything else was, too.  Well, I was wrong...everything else is judged this week!  So we've been scrambling to get everything finished.  Thankfully Bailey was nearly done, anyway.  It's her first year, wish her luck :)  I let you know how she does.

We could also use prayers for our money/job situation.  Monday was dh's last unemployment payment, of course his benefits ran out the same week congress voted against an extension.  He's been tied up waiting to start a job at Kroger's, prayers that the background check and things they're waiting on clear in the next couple days so he can start this week!

In pregnancy news, I'm chugging right along.  Almost 28 weeks and everything is going great so far.  Baby boy wiggles and kicks a lot, I love it.  The girls love to talk to him and about him and feel him kick.  He's still breech but he's got another month or so to turn.  My gestational diabetes test is at the end of the month, I'm sure it will go fine.


Anne Marie said...

I will include all of your intentions at Adoration this evening & Lets' go Krogering!!

Katie said...

Thanks so much, Anne Marie!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

I'll be praying for your job situation..I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is moving along nicely! What a gift!