September 26, 2010

38 weeks 1 day

I hate that I'm feeling so impatient and done being pregnant, considering I still have 13 days until my due date!  I didn't start feeling like this with the others until around my due date.  Maybe that means he'll come early?  HA!  I wish!  Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it but wait.

Yesterday I took the girls out to Fair Oaks Farms for the day. Tyson worked the night before so he was sleeping, so I asked grandma if she wanted to come along and help me keep the kids wrangled.  It's only about 45 minutes from us, but we had never been!  The girls had a great time.

Of course, as usual I forgot my camera, so I had to use my cell phone!

Where the cows are milked.  The girls called this the "cow merry go round!"  I don't think Riley could see much of what was going on, but she's a happy camper and loved the bus ride.  We got to ride all around the dairy farm on a tour.  We also got to see a baby cow being born at the Birthing Barn!  Apparently mom had some trouble because two people attached tethers to the baby's legs and yanked him out (it seemed like it took forever and it was painful to watch!  Poor mama).  Grandma asked Bailey later if she had learned anything, and she said "yeah- cows having babies is disgusting!"  (She refused to look, she preferred to look at the one that was already out!)

Rory and I conquered the "string cheese maze" while her sisters bounced on some huge pillow thing.  She cheated, though!  Going under the ropes :)

So that was yesterday.  Today we're going to Latin Mass with Bailey, then dropping her off at grandma's with her sisters and doing some baby shopping (STILL no student loan, but we got some money from a class action law suit against Tyson's former employer, so at least I can get a changing table and a few other things!)  Then out to dinner sans kids for my birthday, which is tomorrow (I will be 28!)  Tyson finally got our bedroom painted and I've got most of the baby's clothes washed and folded in a box, so I'm excited to get a changing table and get the room all set up for him!

I did get some canning done, a few more pints of pickled peppers and a couple pints of peach butter.  So sad I didn't get any tomatoes this year, but oh well!


Lucy said...

Happy birthday! We share a date but not a year - as I am turning 36! May God bless you this coming year.

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Oh you are so close! Woo hoo! It won't be long now...but it feels long when people say that dumb stuff, huh? LOL!

I am praying for a great delivery for you, and a healthy baby. I have followed your posts regarding worrying about the baby after a loss-I can relate to that.

The farm looks like so much fun! We did a fall festival on Saturday and the kids had much petting on animals to be done!

Blessings to your family!