September 19, 2010

It's amazing how quickly September is going!  It seems like it just started, and it's already the 19th!

I got the Mary Undoer of Knots novena I spoke about in my last post in the mail.  I'm hoping to start it tonight.  I know I've got plenty of knots in my life that need addressed.  Speaking of which, we're STILL waiting on dh's student loan money to come through (money that I really need to pay bills and finish baby shopping up) so prayers for speed in that are appreciated.

I'm 37 weeks and 1 day, so home stretch!  I keep hoping maybe this little boy will be nice and come a little early, unlike his sisters that were all a week or more "late."  I am tired and huge and uncomfortable and just generally done being pregnant, but mostly I'm still very paranoid that something is going to go wrong.  I just want him safe in my arms so I can relax.  Of course, I think that now, but I'm sure after he's born I'll just transpose that worry to SIDS and things like that.  One of the hardest things about multiple miscarriage for me has been the loss of innocence.  I never worried incessantly like this with my pre-miscarriage pregnancies.  I need to work on giving that up to God and surrendering myself to His will.

I'm also VERY ready for consistent fall weather.  This is probably due in part to the fact that I'm a nasty, sweaty mess, and yesterday it was 84F out which made me want to cry.  I don't remember sweating this much with my other pregnancies!  Even with the a/c blaring and freezing the rest of the family out I'm still all sweaty and gross.  BLAH!  The end of pregnancy is definitely not fun.  I spent a couple hours in labor and delivery last Sunday because I had so much, um, "wetness" that I was starting to worry I had a slow leak in my amniotic sac.  It wasn't, but geeze, isn't pregnancy so glamorous?  Still, praise God for it no matter how hard it can be!  Pregnancy is a miracle and a blessing no matter how miserable I might feel at the moment (actually, right now I feel okay, just tired!)

Ah, also, we have some surprise chicks!  We had a hen (well, technically still a pullet, but whatever!) go missing.  After a few weeks we still hadn't found her and just assumed she had been taken by a predator.  Well, yesterday afternoon my neighbor knocks on my door and informs me that I have chicks hatching in his yard!  She had made a nest in his overgrown wood pile and laid a clutch.  We left her until today, not all the eggs were hatched yet but I really wanted to get her somewhere safer (before we left for church there were two big dogs I didn't recognize roaming, there are also a few cats, including my own, around, so I was worried something might get her and the chicks).  So we stuck our two brooding cages together and moved mama and the chicks and eggs to the garage.  I think there were 13 eggs total, and so far 6 chicks.  When I checked earlier, one had just pecked a hole in his egg and you could see the little beak sticking out.  Very cute, unfortunately, I have absolutely NO MORE ROOM for chickens, I'm at my limit.  I really hope I can find someone to take them, or they're going to end up butchered for meat in a few months. 

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