October 19, 2010

1 week!

Finn is one week old already!  I can't believe how fast time goes.  He's nursing great; we took him to the doctor today and he's up to 8lbs and 20 inches long.  He's such a sweet baby, I can't thank God enough for blessing us with him!

I'm healing okay from my c-section.  After such a great natural birth last time, it makes the c/s seem even worse!  I have to rest so much more and be careful to take it easy or I wind up in a lot of pain.  Thankfully dh was able to get off of work and school to take care of the kids and the house for me.  He goes back to class tonight, though, and starts back to work on Thursday.  We're definitely getting back into the swing of things.

The girls adore their little brother.  We haven't had any jealousy or sibling rivalry issues yet (knock on wood).  The just love all over him and are so eager to help take care of him and keep him happy.

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Elizabeth said...

OH HOW Beautiful!!!
That is the kind of sibling rivalry we have around here...who gets to hold or play with the baby!
Of curse I am madly "jealous"...my munchkin is 11 months next Monday :(
He is starting to take independent steps....Yikes!
All of our family has been praying so hard. I hope you heal quickly, but DO take it easy.
God Bless, Elizabeth & Co.