November 26, 2010

Oh, poor, neglected blog!  Yes, I know I'm pretty awful anymore about updating, but thankfully I have a small following that doesn't seem to mind :)  Not for lack of ideas, I usually have thoughts throughout the day of something I'd like to blog about, but by the time I get the computer, I've either forgotten or lost my inspiration!  Such is life with small children, I suppose.

I've decided to become invested in the brown scapular.  I've been thinking about it for awhile and found a small, simple scapular and decided I should go ahead and do it.  I had also considered investment in the black scapular (7 dolors), but enrollment in that is much trickier to get done.  So, I hope to get in touch with my priest and have that done this weekend or next week.  I had some confusion about the obligations it entails, but I think I've got it figured out!

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Molly said...

I've been pretty neglectful of mine too!! I think we all go through that.