December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes

  1. It SNOWED here on December 1st!  Yes it did!  It was only a dusting, but still.  I love the snow, at least the first few snowfalls.  By the end of January I'm usually over it.
  2. I do SwagBucks and use my SB to get $5 Amazon egift cards.  I've been doing it for about 5 months and netted $40 in gift cards!  (And this is just with casual use, you can earn much more depending on how much you do).  If you're interested, check them out through my referral link; I get SB when you search and win!
  3. Speaking of my Amazon gift cards, I used my current balance to buy Eat Fat, Lose Fat, a "diet" book based on traditional foods.  I'm excited to get it and see if it helps me shed the last of the baby weight!  (Irony alert- as I'm typing this I'm drinking a "cappuccino" from the gas station and eating mini frosted donuts...ahem)
  4. I've been attending Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) once a month, sponsored through Una Voce.  I love it, I only wish it were offered every Sunday!  A traditional parish nearby would be even better.  Ah well, maybe someday?  I'm surprised at how much my 9 year old enjoys it, I was afraid she would think it was boring.  When we went in last Sunday, she saw 2 candles on the altar and exclaimed "Yay!  That means quiet (Low) Mass!)  For some reason, Low Mass is her favorite!  Maybe a lesson that we don't need electric guitars and shouting to get kids engaged in the Mass.
  5. I'm finally on the last book of the Dark Tower series!  I've been working on reading the series all year.  Interesting series, but I can see the difference between what was written back when he was still a drunk, and what was written after his accident and sobering up!
  6. I'm so happy Advent is here!  I love this time of year.  Though I find it difficult to really separate Advent and Christmas for my kids.  Dd1 and dh have been harassing me to put up the tree, but I'm holding firm and trying to get them to wait until December 17th when the O Antiphons start (I'd prefer to wait until Christmas Eve, but I'm compromising!)
  7. I'll be purchasing next year's curricula in a couple of month, so I'm starting to ponder what I want to do next year.  Right now I'm thinking mostly about math.  CHC has you do MCP until 4th grade, and then switch to Saxon.  But no one seems to like Saxon!  So I'm not sure what I'll do.  I'm considering looking into Rod and Staff, any experiences to share?


Koala Bear Writer said...

I still haven't made it to a Latin Mass... when we lived in northern Alberta, the cathedral was offering it once a month, but it never worked out for us. Maybe sometime... not sure if there is one around us. This week, I'm hoping to make it to daily Mass. We did that for a year and our toddler really enjoyed it, then we stopped when we moved. I'm thinking maybe getting back to daily Mass will help her sit still better at weekly Mass. :)

Anne Marie said...

Funny about the Latin Mass, I've been drawn to it more and more myself. I've taken our son only once, but he is all about learning to serve, he begins class next Saturday, and we are twisting the arm of one of our Priests to learn the TLM so we don't have to drive an hour to attend. I just ordered some materials from St. John Cantius for stocking stuffers.

On a school note, we are starting Teaching Textbook math 7 this week. I'm making some mid year changes and that is one of them. Math is NOT my thing, but his father is strong so I'm confident he will be able to deal with any shortcomings.

ccc said...

just a thought on the math curricula. I used Rod and Staff years ago and loved it. So simple and to the point. But, we did switch over to Saxon since we do Seton Home Study program and that's what they use. Saxon is OK-nothing to rave about, but it does get the job done. We now have two in college and they feel that Saxon prepared them well. Now my older kids(5th gr. and up) do Saxon and the younger ones do Seton's own math books which are really Catholic and still teach math well. You can buy them and not have to be enrolled in their program.

Katie said...

I'm considering Teaching Textbooks now! It's so hard to chose...