January 10, 2011

When a tragedy happens, we should rush to pray for those involved, not point fingers and make bizarre accusations to gain political leverage.  It's really shameful, frankly.  And I'm very tired of it. 

Please pray for those involved in the Arizona shooting, including the shooter and his family.


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Thank you so much for this. Inevitably, within hours of the tragedy, the news headlines began painting a portrait of a "crazy right winger" being responsible for the attack...

Inevitably, now there is a call to "cool the political tone", as if those of us who are speaking out on the destruction of our free republic in favor for a new world order-esque, socialist regime, would EVER support, condone or even understand such cruel and frankly, insane brutality.

I am a Christian and my heart mourns over each soul lost, and each family affected. How can the media, and liberals use this for their advantage against conservatives, the tea party, etc. I've so far heard Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and now Sarah Palin blamed. Really? We now aren't allowed to say we won't go lock-step with a Marxist gov't for fear we'll be lumped in with raving murderous lunatics?

Sad. I'm praying for the families, and the liberals who stoop to this level.

Katie said...

Yes, it's really distressing and frustrating. Some people on the left are so desperate for someone on the right to go crazy and kill people, they almost acted GLEEFUL when this happened. It's sick. People DIED! A little girl DIED!! And the first thing some people do is start flapping their jaws self-righteously and acting almost happy that it happened, thinking they'll have a new cudgel to wield against their "enemies!" SICK!! Even though the shooter is apparently a leftist, the only person I blame is the one who pulled the trigger!