January 6, 2011

I came upon this reflection on facebook and wanted to share.  It was definitely timely for me! 

What do you think is the greatest 'drag' on homeschooling? Teaching higher level... math, or science? Nope; the greatest 'drag' on homeschooling is the discouragement virus. Some of the symptoms sound like this: "Am I depriving my child by teaching him at home?" "I have no patience." "I feel like I'm trying to cover too much, and doing a poor job at all of it."

The inoculation against this deadly 'discouragement virus' begins with the realization that we aren't homeschooling alone. God is with us; our homeschools are His work, too. View homeschooling progress as God views spiritual progress: from the scope not of one day, but from eternity. If our Father delights in our toddling spiritual steps toward Him, we don't need to judge ourselves more harshly than He does. Keep going, Mom, you're doing great!
-Theresa Johnson, http://www.chcweb.com/


ccc said...

So true. Even looking at a messy kitchen or the laundry room can discourage me--telling me that I do not have "time" to homeschool, even though I am home all day!! Pray daily for homeschool families-we all need it!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Thank you for that! I needed that at this mid point for the school year...always in these long, darker winter days of homeschool..after the joy of Christmas has gone by, and we go through tax season (daddy is a CPA with his own practice..long hours this time of year), I struggle with finding joy in my commission to raise these children fully.

I appreciate the uplifting words of mama's who relate!

God Bless!