May 18, 2011

Blogger seems to be back up and working, yay!

Earlier this month dh was hired on permanently, thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for us over the last year and a half.  We truly appreciate it!

Dd2 saw her ophthalmologist a few weeks ago, he said we can do surgery on her right eye for her strabismus whenever we are ready.  He suggested we meet with an ENT to see if her adenoids and/or tonsils need removed so that we can do it all at the same time and only have to put her under GA once, so I need to get on that.  Please keep asking Bl. Kateri for her intercession!

Dd1 had an evaluation with the local elementary school and did so well the woman only gave her half of the test.  She's very excited to go to public school next year.  I'm less than thrilled, but it's a nice school and they've been wonderful with Riley, so I'm sure it will be okay.  My current plan is to let her go for 4th and 5th and then bring her back home.  Dd3 will go to pre-school twice a week next year (I had always planned to have her do preK and Kindergarten, I do not enjoy homeschooling those years).

We are hoping to sell our house and buy a larger one towards the end of the year.  I'm really hoping we can find what we need out in the REAL country on a few acres of land!  And that we can sell our house in a timely manner for a decent price!


ccc said...

One of my children had surgery for strabismus on both her eyes when she was four. She now is fifteen and doing well. Her eyes will only slightly wander(not cross all the way) if she takes of her glasses or has no contacts in. But, with glasses they are perfectly aligned and she has gained almost near perfect periphery vision since surgery.
Good luck and I will still pray to Bl. Kateri for your daughter.

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Wow Katie..lots of big things to update!

I'm so happy about your husbands job...what an answer to prayers!

Great to hear you have a plan on your daughter's surgery. I'm sure you are looking forward to it, and anxious as well. I would be.

That's great about your DD's testing! How cool! I'm sure she'll do great at school!

I pray you are able to sell your house and find something that works better for you. We recently "gave up" on our dreams to move out in the country. Where we live, any houses just above "ultra cheap" just aren't moving. We had a lot of "well, if we aren't going to move, we can do this..but if we are, then don't do this, or this", kind of stuff. So, we've finally least for 10 years or so.

I pray you get that house in the country you want! It will be great!

Blessings to you!