May 21, 2011

Judgment Day

Make no mistake- Time WILL end.  It won't, however, happen anytime today.  (And, if it does, it's purely coincidence).   Read Matthew 24- Our Lord tells us what the days leading up to it will be like, but He also tells us that we will not have foreknowledge of the exact date and time of His second coming.  He tells us to guard ourselves against those looking to deceive us.
Look! I have given you warning.If, then, they say to you, "Look, he is in the desert," do not go there; "Look, he is in some hiding place," do not believe it; because the coming of the Son of man will be like lightning striking in the east and flashing far into the west. Matthew 24:25-27
But as for that day and hour, nobody knows it, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, no one but the Father alone. Matthew 24:36

I'm not worried about Judgment Day coming today.  When I die, my soul will be judged by God, and I pray that I die in a state of grace.  If I do, I have nothing to fear.  One day the Last Judgment will come, the souls in Purgatory will be released to Heaven, and all in Heaven will enjoy the life of the world to come! 

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Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Looks like we were both thinking about this! I wrote similar thoughts on this today...

God Bless!