July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Well, since I haven't done a "real" post for awhile, let's just do 7 Quick Takes, okay?

  1. It's 4-H fair week.  Also known as the third circle of Hell.  I dropped the ball and did not get dd1's foods project in on time (I thought it was due Thursday; it was actually due Wednesday).  I sat in the bathroom and sobbed for a good 10 minutes because obviously, I'm a horrible mother.  I hate 4-H and we're not doing it next year unless she REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to.  And even then I think we won't.
  2. Dds 1-3 are taking swim lessons at the city pool and having a blast.  And they've done a great job with dd2 and her special needs.  Dd2 is also doing a 5 week physical activity program for kids with special needs through Purdue University (Pete's Pals).  It's great!  Every Wednesday she gets to do an hour of gym time and then an hour of swimming with her own physical therapist.  She adorably refers to it as "Pizza Pals."
  3. Speaking of dd2, yesterday was her birthday!  She is now 6 years old.  I never could have imagined when she was born that she would be doing so well.  Yesterday was also Bl. Kateri's feast day, and we are still asking her for her intercessory prayers!  If you are praying along with us for a miracle, please let me know!  She will also be having her eye surgery in September, and she lost both her front teeth last week!
  4. My little boy is doing great, he is 9 months old now.  He's starting to sleep more at night, which is nice because I've been feeling chronically sleep deprived.  I think he'll walk later than dd1 and dd3 did, but considering they were walking at 10 and 11 months, that's okay with me!  He had a WBV yesterday and he's 16lbs 12oz, so he gained but did fall from the 50th percentile to the 3rd.  BUT, he grew 3 inches and he's much more active than he was at his 6 month visit, so I'm not concerned.
  5. I was supposed to go to the local roller derby match with a girlfriend this weekend, but she broke her foot!  I very rarely go do anything that doesn't involve the kids, which is fine, but since it's a rare occasion, I was really looking forward to it.  I think I might go see the new Harry Potter movie with my mom, instead!
  6. I've been obsessively checking the house we love...still has had no offers, and my real estate agent said we are the only ones who have even looked at it recently.  We can't put an offer in until the beginning of August (we fell a couple of payments behind on our mortgage when dh lost his job, and we have to have a year of no late payments to get pre-approved, which will be this August!)  Oh well, I try to keep in mind that God will take us where He wants to be and not stress too much over it!
  7. I've been waiting on a small check from my SIL, and was disappointed when I got the mail yesterday and it hadn't arrived yet.  BUT...I did have a LARGE check for escrow overpayment from our mortgage company!  What a blessing!  Dh has been working 4 days on 4 days off (12 hour shifts) and this month the pay cycle is weird because he has to work on the weekends, so his checks were significantly smaller.  I hadn't prepared for that so we were behind (but for the first time this year!) on bills.  So now we are all squared away with a little left over, yay!


Audrey S. J. said...

really like your blog...I may steal your "7 Quick Takes" idea, heh, or something like that...since I alwaze have so much to say, so end up saying nothing in blog form!!

Katie said...

I wish it was my idea, lol! Jennifer at conversiondiary.com hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday :)

Anne Marie said...

Hi Katie: Sorry 4-H is a pain, but I'm with you on the prayers for eyes. Our son's eyes have been responding really, really well to treatment. He's gone from 20/400 (uncorrected) to 20/40 (corrected) in a little over a year, and he's got depth perception because the brain is getting vision from both eyes now. Woo, hoo, hoo!!

Katie said...

Anne Marie, that's wonderful! Are you still blogging??

Anne Marie said...

Blogging's been a bit on hold. After the market crash in 08 our professional life got very difficult for a year and a half or so and since that was so radically different from what I had been writing about I decided not to blog about it. As time when on adjusting to family life with our son we started to get into some of his very real, very personal painful past and I decided not to write about that too so I just stopped writing for awhile. I think I took my blog off the grid, (at least I tried to) b/c my SIL was in a lot of pain over some of what I had written about IVF so I just pulled back from the whole thing for a while while life sorts itself out.