July 9, 2011

Things have been very busy over here, I feel like I've hardly had time to stop and breathe.  Just normal summer "vacation" busyness!  I did my first canning of the year the other day, green beans from the garden and blueberry jam, from blueberries we picked at a farm down the road.  The jam is AWESOME.

We are working on getting our house ready to put on the market, and house hunting.  We found one we absolutely love, but it's in town...

Two birthdays coming up, for dd1 and dd2! 


Amy said...

Are you hoping to find a country house so you can bring back the chickens?

Rightthinker said...

Well, that sounds like plenty to keep you busy! :)

You are JUST a stay at home mom, though..what do you do all day? LOL!

I hope your house hunt goes really well!

Keep us posted, and God Bless your family!

Anonymous said...

I love blueberry jam! It's my favorite!

I wish you the best with your house hunting. It can get kind of stressful sometimes.