September 5, 2011

Our offer on the house we wanted was accepted!  We're hoping to close on the same day we close on selling our home (September 23), so the next couple of weeks are going to be hectic.  We're about halfway through packing, though.  Here are some pictures, we're very enamored with the house!


Rightthinker said...

Oh Katie, it is just BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous setting, as well! That front porch! Oh, I love it!

Yes, you will be busy for a while..but how exciting, and how wonderful when you get all settled.

I'm so happy to hear your news, and I pray all goes incredibly smoothly with the move!

Mom E said...

That is such a neat house! So beautiful! Congratulations! Many blessings and happy years in your new home :)

ccc said...

Wow! that house is beautiful--God has really blessed you.