August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes

  1. I think at this point, roughly 90% of my blog is 7 Quick Takes.  Does this signify a lack of dedication on my part, or what?  Oh, well.
  2. Packing, packing, packing.  For some reason, I decided we should just hand over the house the day we close, instead of taking the 30 extra days they had offered (which would have included putting 1K into escrow since we'd technically be, you know, living in someone else's house).  Of course, that means I have to have my house empty the day we move.  Even though I won't have another house to move in to until the same day.  So storage unit, it is!
  3. So...back in March we traded in our old van (it was coming up on 200K miles and getting rather clunky).  Our DMV has bizarre hours, my husband works 3rd shift, 12 hour days..long story short, we finally got around to doing our title, registration, and plate renewal today.  Which ah, basically just ate up half the money I had set aside for our earnest money.  Oops.  
  4. School started last week.  It feels strange not to be homeschooling anyone this year.  People keep asking me if I'm "enjoying" having both the older kids in school, but honestly, I've been so busy I haven't really noticed!  Between packing I work from home (auditing calls for a call center) and take care of the little ones.  I feel just as busy as before, truthfully.
  5. Dd2 was diagnosed with ADHD by her neurologist (who has literally been seeing her since she was born- he was the neurologist that saw her in the NICU).  After a failed attempt at a sleep study, we started her on Strattera.  And no, I'm not interested at all in anyone's opinion on ADHD or how to treat it (yet the few people I've told seem to think I'm pining away for their opinion, including an aunt who basically said I'm just a horrible mother who lets her run wild, among other things).
  6. I've decided to start taking violin lessons alongside dd1.  Yeah, I'm a gigantic nerd.  It's never too late to learn, right?  
  7. Finn is 10.5 months old.  Cruising, starting to talk, generally being a big boy and breaking my heart because I want him to stay little forever.  I realized this morning that although I've taken plenty of pictures of him, I've yet to have any sent over to be developed.  Come to think of it, I have easily hundreds of pictures spanning the last decade (did I mention dd1 turned 10 this month?!) that need printed out and put into photo albums.


ccc said...

I didn't realize you were not homeschooling this year. And, yes I can see how you would be just as busy, because we do more than just homeschool! I do not have any unsolicited advice for your daughter with ADHD except to do what you feel is right. And, as for the pictures it seems that all of mine are on the computer and I have no hard copies either--I have so much pictures of when my older kids were little because in order to see them, we had to go in to the store to get them developed. Now, you can see them instantly and I don't think about getting them made into pictures.
Good luck with the move.

Mom E said...

In reference to #5 you are her mother and no one knows her better than you. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for any decision you make on her behalf!