October 30, 2011

Housing update

So when I last posted we had sold our house and moved into my mother's house for what we thought would just be the weekend, since we were set to close on the house we were buying on Monday.  To make a long story short, that didn't happen, and a month later we are still living with my mother!  The house we were buying fell through at the last minute (again, long story, but basically the terms of the loan got changed October 3 and pretty much we no longer qualified for that house).  It was such a pretty house, and of course at first we were very upset, especially as we had thought it was for sure ours for the last month and had been busy falling in love with it and discussing what we would do with it.  But we're okay with it now, and truthfully, in hindsight, it's all working out for the best.  The house was lovely, but did have a number of things wrong wtih it that were not going to be cheap to fix (like, a big section of roof that needed replaced) We have an accepted offer on another house (on the same street, funny enough!) that's 35K less, is bigger, and has one more bedroom (4 instead of 3!).  It needs some redecorating, but it's in great shape and there's nothing major or expensive to fix in it.

We should be closing early this coming week, however, the lady we are buying it from asked for up to two weeks after closing to get all of her things out.  We didn't really want to do that, but they had other offers coming in and we got it for a great price (only 78K!!  for a historic 4 bedroom 2200+ sq ft house with lots of original wood work and a built in china cabinet in the dining room, very well maintained).

It's been tough because my mother lives 45 minutes away from work and school, and gas is killing me!  We didn't end up with much money from closing on our house, then we lost $650 on the first house (appraisal and inspection) and what's left has been eaten up in gas.  But there's an end in sight and I am so ready to be done and moved into my house!!  Please pray the rest of this goes smoothly, my stress levels are just through the roof and it's been one of those situations where everything that could go wrong has.


ccc said...

That house is absolutely beautiful and looks to be in mint condition!! Only 78,000??? What a steal. We just had to replace our roof and it is a LOT of money and we did it ourselves and it still cost a lot and was very hard and time consuming. It's better to deal with redecorating rather than major home repairs.(in my humble opinion)

Amy said...

So is the pic the NEW new house? So lovely! I know you must be anxious to make it home.

Rightthinker said...

Oh Katie, it's gorgeous!

I'm so sorry to learn of the struggles you've gone through in the process, but once it's finished you are going to have such a wonderful home for your family.

It's beautiful, and I LOVE it!

Praying for smoothness in the next part of the transition.