August 13, 2011

Things are moving for us on the house front!  We put our house on the market and had an offer 2 days later, which we accepted.  The home inspection on our house is tomorrow, prayers that it goes well.  I'm not anticipating anything since we just bought the house 7 years ago and everything was fine, but you never know!  We have a house that we want to put an offer on, but because of a late payment last August we have to wait until September 1st.  The house we're interested in has been up for sale for over a year, so we're hoping no one else comes in in the next 3 weeks and puts an offer in.  We're hoping to close at the end of September, we appreciate prayers that everything goes smoothly!


ccc said...

I will definitely pray for you! Wow---only 2 days on the market, that's incredible. God is good.

Rightthinker said...

Wonderful Katie!

Praying for everything to go happy for your family!